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💡 How to Beat the Algorithm

In our modern day reality society, social media platforms, news media, industries, and

institutions are constantly profiting from you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, confused, distracted. 

Most of all they profit from you being oblivious to your power and potential to create the life that you truly want for yourself - a life  full of joy ease, and fulfillment, on your own terms. 

The world makes you prioritize money, external validation, and performance over your own desires, needs, and wants.

It plays on your built-in negative bias so you don't access your own wisdom and stay unaware of your unique strengths values- all the qualities that  make you unique.

It keeps you from living as the highest version of yourself.

The only antidote to living a default life, and the key to creating a genuine life of joy and purpose, is to cultivate Self-Love.


By cultivating deep Self-love:

  • you learn to prioritize yourself SO you become resistant to the outside noise, the distractions, stressors and triggers that we’re faced with daily - from your partner, family and colleagues to social media posts and news

  • you build self-trust SO you feel unshakable inner peace, stability and calm no matter what happens in the outside world

  • your needs become non-negotiable SO you can be the most present, calm and happy parent, partner, friend and colleague

  • you start creating your life from the inside out SO you can experience a life beyond your wildest dreams

💡 This is how you beat the algorithms, strategies, marketing and manipulation of the wolld around us. With learining how to love, nurture and prioritize yourself you grow into the most thriving, fulfilled and joyful version fo yourself in every area of your life.,


Keep reading, if you'd like to dive deeper and learn more about how to transofrm your life trhough Self-Love.

I’m deeply passionate about sharing the magic of Self-Love, because I have seen the powerful transformation it can create in every area of your life, as it has for me and all my clients.

Also as a mom I believe that there is no demographic in need of more love, support, acknowledgement and appreciation than moms. 

This is why if you are a mom and if this is something you’re interesting to explore and dive deeper in, I invite you to join me for a FREE Workshop for moms, where we’ll discover:

  • what cultivating Self-Love truly looks life in real life

  • what are the blocks keeping us from accessing Self-Love

  • I’ll also share my signature blueprint Five Pillars Of Self-Love - an invaluable tool to cultivating Self-Love in your day-to-day

There will be some time for Q&A at the end.

And you can certainly join the workshop if you're not a mom too.

My goal for the workshop is that you walk away with everything you need to  know to start cultivating the foundations for Self-Love and see the incredible effects it has in every area of your life! 

If you have any questions reach out to me at: the contact inof on the Workshop page or at:  Stani (dot) D (dot) Coaching (at) gmail (dot) com

xo, Stani

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