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My Goldilocks Solution + NEW "Own Your Voice" Episode!!!

Turns out watching cartoons might not be such a bad thing for your kid if the worst side-effect is that they politely ask “May I please have porridge for breakfast?”.

Thanks to the cartoon of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, my daughter now has an enhanced vocabulary for her breakfast choices, different temperatures, textures and sizes. #COVIDParentingWin

Even though I‘m more familiar with this story than I wish to be, it really resonated with me on a surprisingly deep level.

Throwback to a couple of months ago when I was talking to a friend. As we were ruminating about life, I blurted out: “I think I’ve had many more disappointments than proud moments in my life.”


The moment I said that I felt so embarrassed I wish I could take it back. My friend of course tried to assure me this wasn’t true, so I brushed it off.

When I thought about later it I realized I completely believed what I had said.

For so much of my life I remember feeling constantly disappointed with myself.

I mean, check out this pretty list. Can you relate to any of these?

  • skipping a whole line in a concerto in a solo performance with an orchestra

  • getting low enrollment in a program I was trying out

  • blurting out something completely dumb thing to say in front of a mentor I really admire

Just thinking how I felt back then makes me want to curl in a ball and disappear. That was the feeling I lived in much of the time.

Yet today, looking back to it now I’m surprisingly fine with all of it.

Of course time has worked its healing magic, but also I learned a few things along the way:

Back in the day my younger self I had two ways to deal with disappointments:

#1 Brush them off with the pretext “not a big deal” or “it wasn’t the right thing for me that’s why it didn’t work out” or “wasn’t meant to be”…and “on to the next thing”.

#2 Wallow in the disappointment and shame to the point that I just wanted to give up on everything.

I sound just like the life coach of your dreams, right?

In both cases I’d thought I had overcome my disappointments, yet, I was carrying them everywhere with me. Every time a great opportunity came my way, all past disappointments came chiming in reminding me loud and clear of past mistakes, and I expected nothing else but yet another disappointment.

In the first case my approach was too cool and detached, completely ignoring how I actually felt, and in the second - too hot-headed and indulgent in my negative emotions.

What I needed was a Goldilocks solution.

I had to get creative and find something that worked for me.

What I offer you in this new episode of "Own Your Voice!" are some strategies that I used to help me resolve and release disappointments, and to stop letting them run my life.

You might know my show "Own Your Voice!" as an interview series, and I'll continue to bring you great interviews with today's leading musicians, creatives and entrepreneurs.

And I'm also adding an element where I share my own personal insights.

As always the mission of "Own Your Voice!" is to inspire and support you in creating an empowered and joyful life and career on your own term!

What comes up for you in this episode? What are some ways you deal with disappointment?

Whatever you take away from this episode, I hope it reminds you to always be kind to yourself, let go of judgements and expectation of yourself and others!

Have a beautiful weekend!



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