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What's your AVATAR? 🤖

Welcome to February- a month of new beginnings as we celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Where in life do you need a fresh start?

I've been exploring the idea of new beginnings a lot in the last few weeks, as I’ve had the pleasure of hosting a few different Goal-Setting Workshops for Women.

It’s been such a privilege and joy to hear women share about their goals, desires and dreams. 

While speaking with these incredible, empowered women, I was reminded how anything that's standing in our way to reaching our goals is within us.

The good news is that we always have the power to change even if the journey is not always clear and simple.

If you missed any of the workshops, I wanted to share with you a 4-Step Framework to help support your goals.

Step 1. Get clear on one thing you’d like to change this year - be very specific!

The specifics are your metrics to help you track, follow up on, and adjust your goal.

Without specific details your goal is. just. a. wish.

Step 2. Identify Your "Inner Voice Avatar"

On a scale of  1-10 How do you rate the way you treat yourself in the area of your goal (personal life, health, relationships, career, fun and hobbies etc.)

How do you REALLY speak to yourself when you're thinking about your goals?

Here are a few avatars to help you identify:

10 .Your Biggest Fan - "You're brilliant - you can do this!"

9. The Always Positive Friend  - "It'll all work out no matter what"

8. The Encouraging Friend - "Try it! What do you have to lose?"

7. The Supportive  Friend - "Even if this doesn't work out, you'll learn something."

6. The Saboteur - this one's tricky! They seem supportive, but they keep you from actually

     doing what you truly want

5. The Worrier - "What if people think...of me?" 

4. The Skeptic - "No way tI can actually do this".

3. The "Worst Possible Scenario" Friend  - "You'll fail miserably and there's no going back"

2. The Judger - "You're not as smart/as pretty/as capable as you think to do this."

1. Your Worst Enemy  - "I don't deserve/not worthy to have this"

The Inner Voice Avatar is the voice you're partnering as you think of, plan, and pursue your goal.

Step 3. Get Curious & Befriend -  If you've identified your Inner Voice Avatar, now it's time to befriend them. 

The truth is that none of the above avatars are good or bad - they are all trying to help you in one way or another.

Ask yourself "How is this voice trying to help me?" 

Maybe it THINKS it's helping you by:

- keeping you comfortable and having you do the dishes, or sit on the couch instead of exercising

- keeping you safe and comparing you to others so you doubt yourself and don't try anything that seems different and unknown 

-  making you feel secure where you are, and tells you you don't deserve to have more money, more success, more friends, because making these change feels unknown, scary and unsafe

You get the idea.

Step 4. Thank & Allow - Probably the hardest step.

Once you find at least one way your Inner Voice Avatar is TRYING (unsuccessfully) to help you THANK the that voice for being there and for trying.

Truly get yourself to be grateful for protecting you.

Allow it to be there, and accept it.  

By accepting it you're no longer working AGAINST this voice, and you're less triggered and controlled by it.

By allowing it to be there you gain more momentum and energy, and you're more empowered to make different choices that truly support your goals and growth.

Try using this framework in whatever change you want to create and let me know how it goes.

Much love,


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