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What's Self-Love Got to Do With It? 😳

However we chose to escape from ourselves - Future-Tripping, Othering, (as we've explored in the last few posts) or any other escape mechanism, habit or addiction - we are ultimately disconnecting from all our power to create the happiness we so want.


Starting to become AWARE of it is the first step.


But there’s an even more important step, without which true awareness and transformation is simply not possible.

And it is to... LOVE YOURSELF.


Unhappy with your work and career? 

Want to have a deep meaningful relationship with your partner?

Wish you felt happier in your body? Want to make more money?

Whether we realize it or not when we don’t have something we want it’s always because on  some subconscious level we believe:

  • we don’t deserve it

  • we’re inherently incapable of having/getting/creating it

  • we can’t trust ourselves to make important decisions

  • we are not …smart/ confident/ educated/ outgoing…enough to have what we want

I mean, why would we believe otherwise?

We have abundant “evidence" for it from the moment we came into this world.


From a young age we were given cues and signs from our parents and society, to ads and social media that:

  • we can’t make our own decisions

  • we’re not talented/creative/smart enough to get mom’s attention 

  • we don’t know what’s best for us

  • we should do what’s predictable and safe

  • we need external validation to be happy with ourselves


And on and on…


With all this self-sabotaging messaging our #1 job as grown ups becomes to learn what’s the messaging we’ve picked up throughout our formative years, and start taking inventory if these beliefs are working for us, or if they keep us from having what we want


From there we can start deciding what beliefs we DO want to have instead.



1) Think to yourself what is an area of your life where you want things to be different. 

2) Ask yourself “What am I currently believing about myself in this area of my life?” (Hint: start paying attention to what you're saying to yourself and others) 

If the answer’s not coming to you easily you can try finishing the sentence in as many ways as you can: “I’m not letting myself have this because I believe…” and see what comes up 

3)  Start to truly acknowledge yourself every chance you get for your inherent worth, beauty and greatness because you are a human being given the chance to experience life - and for no other reason.

At the beginning of your day take a moment and ask yourself: “How can I show love to myself today?”


No true lasting change on any level can happen within us while we are at war with ourselves.


Until we learn to fully love and accept ourselves as the most precious and beautiful vehicle to experience this wonderful gift of a life we’re given, we remain deep asleep to our life’s lessons and the potential for an extraordinary and joyful life, that’s just waiting for us to WAKE UP.


Much love,



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