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Are You Future-Tripping? 📆

"When I lose that 10lbs then I'll be happy."

"I’ll feel successful when I reach 6 figures."

"I can't wait for my kids to start school so I have more time for myself."

"If this job interview doesn't work out, then I'll feel like a total failure." 

Statements like these have become such a natural part of our every day speech. Chances are you have some version of the above taking prime real estate in your mind right now.

Worrying, when/then, if/then thinking also known as future-tripping is so ubiquitous we don't even notice it. And because it's everywhere we also think it's harmless, and innocuous.

You might be thinking "So what? What's the harm in being prepared for the worst-case scenario, plan for the future, to protect myself from future disappointment, or have something to look forward to?"

There is a difference between having a plan for your future and dreams,  and withholding your happiness, love, excitement and verve for life until you reach them.

Future-tripping is thinking you've hit the PAUSE button not realizing the movie is still going... only to come back and see that you've missed the whole movie..

We only truly know and understand the moment we have now. It's the only thing we have control over.

And most importantly it's the only place from which we can create the life we want and dream of.

Worrying, hoping, and living for a future moment whether tomorrow or next year immediately disconnects you from the only place and time you have to make a change: now.

It blinds you of all the chances and opportunities you have RIGHT NOW to take the action you need to take to make the change you're dreaming of for your future - reach out to the person, make the video, write the blog, go out for a walk....

Future thinking is in fact THE main contributing factor for our stress, anxiety, procrastination, and overwhelm.

Making the moment you're in now the priority, and truly immersing in the ideas, people, opportunities and possibilities you have now makes you not only more productive, it's what gives you true empowerment to be the creator of your life, because you're staying in the only vantage point from which you can create. 



If you're game, decide and commit that today, this weekend or even for a week you'll make it your job to turn your Future-Tripping Radar ON and try the steps below:

1) Take a moment and ask yourself "What is my go-to future-tripping thought?"

2) Catch yourself  when you're jumping to the future and check what is the feeling you're craving or avoiding.

3) When you know what's the feeling you're craving or avoiding ask yourself "How can I make myself feel ...(loved/happy/abundant/rich) now?".


I'm doing this with you and committing to do ti for for a week (aah!) - will report next Friday.

If you want extra accountability share your progress, thoughts and insights with me HERE.

Let me know your thoughts either way - would love to know if this resonates.

Much love,


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