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How to create anything you want 🌈

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Lately I’ve been trying to declutter and organize our little apartment. Turns out when you have two kids keeping things organized is a constant process. So “lately” is really more like 4 years.

I’ve had a bit more time the last few days to focus on the work that needs to get done with organizing and decluttering, but I’ve noticed a lot of resistance inside me. Although I know what I want the final result to look like, getting there seems impossible right now, so I find myself simply avoiding the work.

Anytime I want to start decluttering I start to hear the voice of shame that I’m not an organized person - I blame myself for having too much stuff… sound familiar?

This got me thinking to all the other times in the past when I wanted to create change in my life. And here’s what I’ve learned:

For decades I struggled to create change in my life - to feel good in my body, to find a partner, to have better friendships, to create a career I love.

The ONLY way I’ve been able to create long-lasting change in all these areas of my life, is by changing how I relate to myself in these areas.

The work certainly hasn’t been easy, but I got to a point where I was willing to do anything to stop feeling stuck in a life I didn’t want to be in.

Think about what you want to change right now? What is a current goal you have for yourself?

Whatever it is, you CANNOT create any meaningful, long-lasting change in your life unless you change what you believe, what you think about yourself, and how treat yourself.

Do you LOVE yourself enough to believe that you’re deserving of making the change to begin with? Or do you truly believe you’re unable to make that change and you’re simply stuck with who you are now?

Can you let yourself over-indulge, mess up, be judgmental or negative, and instead of making it mean anything about who you are, decide to practice SELF-COMPASSION and let it be just something to learn from?

Can you get CURIOUS about what thoughts and beliefs have brought you where you’re now, instead of hating, shaming and blaming yourself that you’re not where you want to be?


I really want you to hear this today. You are fully capable of achieving anything you want for yourself, otherwise you wouldn’t even have the thought of creating a change!

Much love, Stani

P.S. Looking for support in creating any change you want in your life or career? Join me and my friend and colleague Patrick Fulton for a Live Coaching Session. We're offering monthly live sessions where you get 30 minutes live coaching from us helping you with the next steps of creating what's most important for you. REPLY here if you'd like to save a spot on our list and get notified for the next available live event. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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